Day Trips

We are all busy and sometimes we don’t have the time to take a full-blown vacation.  In the summer my husband and I typically go to the beach or “down the shore” as we call it. So, we don’t do it as much in the summer but in the Fall, I will say. ” Hey, let’s take a ride somewhere” Which usually mean let’s take a day trip. I think it’s important to be spontaneous with your spouse. It adds some excitement to your regular routine which can sometimes put both of you in a rut. 95% of the time these trip end up being some of our best memories.

However, this past week we headed to Long Beach Island and took a ride to the famous lighthouse “Ol’ Barney”. We spent some time walking along the jetty and just watching the waves and the boats go by. If you are brave enough climb to the top of the lighthouse

Ol' Barney
Barnegat Lighthouse

for panoramic views of Island Beach State Park and Long Beach Island, Do it!  Directly adjacent the Lighthouse you will find a teeny tiny Dairy Queen where we stopped for a delicious treat! There are also some new restaurants and we saw what looks like a new mini golf complex being built.

We definitely recommend making the trip!