HelloFresh Review

So I finally gave in and we tried HelloFresh for a few weeks! I was tired of making the same old dishes and I wanted to spice up our evening dinner routine with some new flavors and dinner options. I got a coupon to try HelloFresh. I went ahead and ordered the two meals per week package.

It was fun getting the package and going through the box and looking at the ingredients. It was a nice surprise for me and my husband to come home to. The first week was great the meals were yummy and I enjoyed preparing them.  The next week came and we cooked up some really delicious meal. The only issue I really have is that some of these dishes require you to use every pot/pan/utensil you own!! By the final week of a four-week delivery, I hate to say it was dreading coming home and having to cook them up. Don’t get me wrong everything was delicious and I get that they want you to layer in the flavor. It’s just a lot of work for weeknight cooking. The now have 30-minute meals that I may give a second chance.

The only real complaint from my husband is that he felt the portion were too small. He is a big guy and thinks every portion I make is too small for him.

If you are thinking about trying it, I would say give it a try. There is a wide variety of recipes to pick from and choose something that suits your tastes and your time.

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